7 LGBT Magazines To Add To Your Coffee Table

Queer magazines have never been this impactful.

While we may be living in the digital era, it’s nice to take it old school once in a while and lounge around on a Sunday reading an actual magazine. WHATTT, AN ACTUAL PRINTED MAGAZINE? Gasp!

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With fall approaching, and the cooler weather looming, it’s the perfect time to cuddle up with a new boy magazine. While there are so many different magazines out there to choose from, we wanted to highlight a few of our favorite ones that are worth heading to the newsstand to support.

Here are 7 LGBT magazines you should be reading ASAP.

Hello Mr.

Launched in April 2013 by Ryan Fitzgibbon, Hello Mr. has quickly become one of the leading magazine’s for gay men. With their Instagram already reaching 57.4k followers, Hello Mr. is just getting warmed up. With six issues already out there in the world, it’s a relatable magazine that provides a fresh take to many life topics. From love to loss, it’s a beautifully curated magazine published twice a year to spark up conversations in a modern approach.

“I genuinely believe that the runway has been paved through Hello Mr. for a movement to take off which expands a dialogue for gay men that matches our evolved interests and values. Given how we’ve progressed as a community, we were overdue for a rebrand and a fresh platform to hold new conversations,” said Fitzgibbon in an interview with The WILD Magazine in 2014.

Original Plumbing

As a trans culture magazine for transgender men, Original Plumbing works to unite the community, educate and entertain.

Founded in 2009 by Amos Mac and Rocco Kayiatos, Original Plumbing is officially on their 15th published issue. While they currently are a quarterly publication, we hope for many more issues.

"There’s so much more visibility now for the trans community. Collectively, we have a louder voice with a farther reach. When OP started in 2009, we rarely saw ourselves represented in the media at that time," Mac told the Huffington Post on how things have changed since they published issue one.


Similar to Original Plumbing, FourTwoNine is also a quarterly published magazine, but focuses on exploring all LGBT topics within celebrity, politics and business. The mag first began as a Kickstarter campaign, and launched in 2013 with the stunning Sarah Jessica Parker and Watch What Happens Live host Andy Cohen on the cover.

“FourTwoNine is going to appeal to a broad and engaged readership. If I owned a car, I’d have as my bumper sticker ‘Never Judgmental, Always Discerning.’ I am hoping that that also describes our readership," said the magazine's original editor-in-chief, Kevin Sessums, after the launch in 2013.

FourTwoNine is breaking down boundaries by proving a magazine that is heavily LGBT angled having appeal outside of the community. Ever since their initial Kickstarter campaign, FourTwoNine has paved quite a remarkable path. This year, in March, we saw the handsome James Franco cover the March issue where the magazine had him open up about his sexuality.

Curve Magazine

CURVE Magazine, the nation's best selling lesbian magazine, first launched in 1990 and has gained has over 145K Facebook followers and 30K Twitter followers since its launch. From Lily Tomlin to Taylor Schilling and Laura Prepon of Orange Is The New Black, Curve Magazine has landed some great covers throughout the years.

Passport Magazine

When it comes to traveling, often picking up a travel magazine at your nearest bookstore is the best way to get some inspiration for future trips around the world (Mykonos, anyone?).

For the LGBT community, or anyone really, Passport magazine is a great resource for everything LGBT travel. Passport tops our list as the most issues printed per year, topping it off at 9 times annually.

The Tenth

The Tenth is by far one of our new favorite discoveries when it comes to magazines with an LGBT angle. This independent magazine dives deep into the culture of the African American queer community. Issue one begins by peeling back history, analyzing what life may have been like for gay men working on plantations.

"Tons of queer culture, of course, has been appropriated throughout the years, and black culture certainly has been kind of taken on by the mainstream media since the beginning of Hollywood – or time, really, for that matter. So we thought how cool would it be if we just experimented and kind of assorted all these interesting and talented artists and thinkers and intellectuals and interesting kids to make something that really reflected authentically what we were thinking in 2015," said Khary Septh, creative director of The Tenth.


Prior to Gayletter becoming a biannual magazine, it launches as newsletter back in 2008, founded by Tom Jackson and Abi Benitez. Their bio on their Instagram pretty much sums up the vibe of this magazine writing, "The first post-gay publication to embrace the best of queer culture while disregarding labels."

Nearly every page is filled with a creative spread that usually has a very attractive male flaunting their delicious bod. They aren't afraid to push the boundaries and cave into censorship so much. It's the real thing; it's our reality.

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