The Gay Drama Returns For Zero And Jude On The Season Premiere Of "Hit The Floor"

Plus Zero is an underwear model

It's been almost a year and a half since we were part of the intense drama of closeted basketball star Zero (Adam Senn) and his burgeoning love affair with sports agent Jude (Brent Antonello) on VH1's Hit The Floor.

In the Season Two finale, Jude grew tired of clandestine but insanely hot rendezvous, and told Zero he'd like an actual, out-in-public relationship, leaving Zero (who refuses to label his sexuality) to ponder what was more important - baller celebrity or a chance at love.

So was the season premiere worth the wait?

Yes. Yes, it was.

When we catch up with Zero, he's filming ads for his new line of underwear, because of course he is. His career is flying high, and he's summoned Jude to offer him a chance to be part of Team Zero again, telling him "Two titles and suddenly sin is in. I've got a beer commercial in the morning, and this is my new new underwear line. What do you think?"

We approve.

Jude is more dubious, however, and asks why there are only women in the ad with him. Zero delivers the perfect Zero response "I'm all the man it needs," and tells him the reason why he called him is that he wants Jude to be his agent again, and "help me rake in all this cash."

Jude can see right through Zero's B.S., and tells him he knows that Zero is just waving his big wad (of cash) in his face to try to get back with him, but Zero insists "it's just business," and inviting him to an underwear shoot was in no way part of a plan to seduce him into his bed again.

Meanwhile, both guys experience professional drama, with Zero telling everyone within earshot he wants to be the new captain of the Devils, and Jude given a tantalizing offer by new team boss Lionel.

She asks him to be the "Executive Vice President Of Business Operations For The Los Angeles Devils," which should at the very least get him a key to the executive washroom and a complimentary muffin basket.

Jude is excited, but decides to mull it over first, meaning rushing off to tell Zero his good news. Their conversation sets up what will probably be the core of "Zude" in Season Three.

Jude: "I can't be your agent."

Zero: "Why not?"

Jude: "Lionel offered me a job with the Devils. I always wanted to work for the Devils. She offered me EVP. I can't turn it down."

Zero: "EVP? That would make you my boss. That's hot."

Okay, is there any situation that Zero would not use to bring out his horny li'l devil?

That's it for Zude this week. Next week will see the debut of Jonathan Bennett, which may be the beginning of a classic soapy triangle, or at the very least, some awkward conversation.

Hit The Floor airs Monday at 9 PM ET on VH1.

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