Help Queer Geeks Ignite "Flame Con," The First LGBT Comic Con In New York

Gay culture is booming. Geek culture is booming. Now the time has come to bring those two pursuits together in the cultural center of the universe: Geeks Out, the group for queer comics, gaming and sci-fi fans (and their allies) has launched a Kickstarter campaign for Flame Con, the first LGBT-centric comic con in New York City.

It's an idea who's time has come: Both GaymerX and Bent-Con (which is actually going on right now) are on the West Coast—it's time for the East Coast to represent. Hey, this is where comics were born!

Why do we need our own con? Geeks Out 'splains it in the press notes:

The LGBTQ community is separated into different groups that all too often don’t mix or learn from each other’s experiences: gays and lesbians, cisgender and trans people, twinks and bears.

But comic cons are all about mixing! People of every size, gender identity and expression, age, color and type come to comic conventions to get geeky, expressing what makes each of us different, special, and awesome.

A queer comic con is a great way to bring us all together under one roof. We'll learn about ourselves as a community, and explore topics that haven't already been paneled to death at other cons. We want to end the con having brought queer people from different parts of the rainbow closer.

The event will include panels, exhibitors, an art show, artists and writers and, of course, tons of cosplay. (You think you're the only guy who dresses up as Rogue?)

Incentives include VIP access to Flame Con, custom artwork, brunch with Flame Con himself, and a meet up with comics superstar Phil Jimenez (Wonder Woman, Uncanny X-Men).

The campaign has already netted $6,000 in its first 24 hours, but there's less than a month to reach the $15,000 goal. Join the Flame Con Kickstarter campaign here.

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