Prosecutors: Orlando Shooter's Wife Knew Of Plan To Attack Gay Nightclub

The prosecution also alleged that she lied to police to halt the investigation.

During her first day in federal court, Noor Salman was accused by prosecutors of knowing about her husband Omar Mateen's plan to attack Pulse nightclub.

The allegation came as Salman appeared to face charges connected to the horrific mass shooting at Pulse this past June, including aiding and abetting Mateen's support of ISIS and obstruction of justice.

She said little during the first hearing, offering one word responses to questions concerning her understanding of the charges and her rights.

Though the prosecution didn't delve deeply into her indictments, U.S. Attorney Roger Handberg did state that Salman knew her husband was going to carry out an attack of some kind and later lied to police to impede the investigation.


Salman was arrested by the FBI Monday at her home outside of San Francisco. She'd been living in the area ever since she absconded from Florida with her 4-year-old son.

For months, questions have circulated about how much Salman knew of her husband's plans, with some going as far as to label her a co-conspirator while others have said she was just another victim of Mateen's violence and manipulation.

"Noor Salman had no foreknowledge nor could she predict what Omar Mateen intended to do that tragic night," said Linda Moreno, her attorney, in a statement after Salman's arrest.

“We believe it is misguided and wrong to prosecute her and that it dishonors the memories of the victims to punish an innocent person.”

After initial hearings in Oakland, California, Salman will be extradited to central Florida to face charges. If convicted, she could spend life in prison.

h/t: NBC News

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