Reporter Apologizes for Pete Buttigieg Misquote That Went Viral

Buttigieg thanked the reporter for the correction, but not everyone is willing to forgive and forget.

The headlines came fast and furious, claiming Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg threw major shade at former President Barack Obama, allegedly saying "the failures of the Obama era help explain how we got Trump."

Only one problem: that's not what he said.

Los Angeles Times reporter Evan Halper took to Twitter today to correct the record, apologizing for misquoting Buttigieg in his article. What the candidate actually said was that "the failures of the old normal" were to blame for the election of President Trump. Halper blamed the mistake on the audio being hard to hear due to the interview taking place at "a loud rally." It is embedded below, so you can judge for yourself.

Buttigieg thanked Halper for his "swift and honest correction," and praised Obama's record in office.

While many Twitter users were willing to forgive and forget, joining Buttigieg in praising him for the correction, not everyone was impressed.

I’m so not a fan of Pete’s but this is a huge and extremely prejudicial error and there needs to be serious consideration given when reporting something like that.

— Scott Menor (@smenor) November 11, 2019

Audio from the interview follows.

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