Baptist Pastor Tells Gay Christian To Commit Suicide, Lily Tomlin Gets Kennedy Center Honors: Today In Gay


Lily Tomlin was among the recipients of the prestigious Kennedy Center Honors Sunday night in Washington. The iconic comedian is the first out lesbian to be given the honor, bestowed on individuals for lifetime contributions to the performing arts.

Earlier ,Tomlin joked to the Washington Post that she'd like to see "a big stream of gay drag artists come out as Ernestine" during the medal ceremony.

Other recipients included Tom Hanks, Sting, Al Green and acclaimed ballerina Patricia McBride. The Kennedy Center Honors Gala will air December 30 at 9pm ET on CBS.

"No one from the LGBT community has ever had fire hoses turned on them by the police department," declared Swimp. "They have never had to drink out of an LGBT water fountain.”

When a representative reminded of Swimp of Matthew Shepard's brutal murder, Swimp replied that, "Matthew Shephard was a victim of his own lascivious lifestyle and criminal activities."

The bill ultimately failed to pass.

marriage equalityGLAAD has launched #5DaysOfEquality to honor the one-year anniversary of 31 Australian couples who were married, but had their marriages revoked.

In October 2013, n Canberra, 31 couples were married over a five-day period once the law was in effect, from December 7 to 12, but Australia's High Court overturned the legislation and all the marriages were declared null and void.

GLAAD is  asking people to post a message to the couples on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Vine using #5DaysOfEquality, which will be transformed into letter-pressed cards and delivered to the couples later in December.

[caption id="attachment_170180" align="alignright" width="219"]chris hughes and sean eldridge Hughes and husband Sean Eldridge[/caption]

Gay Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes may have bit off more than he could chew when he bought the iconic New Republic in 2012. The majority of the editorial staff resigned last week after top editors Frank Foer and Leon Wieseltier.  were either pushed out or resigned.

CEO Guy Vidra also announced that the December issue was going to be shelved, NR headquarters were moving from D.C., to New York, and and would only come out 10 times a year, instead of 20.

In a poll of more than 2,700 city residents, almost 60% of respondents said society should accept homosexuals and 40% of those surveyed support same-sex marriage. (Some 80% support workplace protections for LGBT employees, and only 5% oppose.)

Noted sexologist Zhang Beichuan told the Global Times that while many people may be accepting in the abstract, most would oppose have a gay person in their family.  It's believed up to 16 million gay men are in sham marriages with women.

"It was planned," Adam Jacobson told KTVA. “They clearly put a lot of effort into that poster.”

Jacobson says he and his husband have lived in Anchorage for four years and never had a problem before.

Most ignored the release, but Pastor Logan Robertson at Westcity Bible Baptist Church replied that his flock was "not interested in your filthy lifestyle or book."

Citing Romans I as proof homosexuals were worthy of death, Robertson added, "I pray that you will commit suicide, you filthy child molesting fag."

Marjoram was married to a woman for 22 years before coming to terms with his sexuality, and says Robertson's words "stung" because he had often contemplated taking his own life.

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