Video Lunch: As Tall As Lions - "Love, Love, Love (Love, Love)"

Video lunch is on! To get you nice and relaxed for the weekend, today’s video, courtesy of Logo’s NewNowNext video show, is “Love, Love, Love (Love, Love)” by As Tall As Lions. Nothing like a little emo to get you pumped to go out, right? Just kidding! These guys throw out a dreamy, melodic mix of emo and indie-pop that balances the heavy with the lively.

And I love “Love, Love, Love,” and I really love lead singer Dan Nigro, with all that disarming sincerity in his face and that beauty and power in his voice. This guy had formal vocal training, (even if he says he never took it that seriously) and it definitely shows.

Enjoy more ATAL after the jump.

Very chic ATAL members (left to right) Julio Tavarez, Dan Nigro, Saen Fitzgerald and Cliff Sarcona.

Anyway, the new video is from their second album (self-titled) with Triple Crown; their first was Lafcadio, which has a very different sound. The group also self-released Blood and Aphorisms in 2002. But with eyes on the future, ATAL has signed on with the Alternative Press Tour, so I expect to be seeing more from these guys. Check out their summer tour dates here.

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