Venji Are #RelationshipGoals in New Trailer for “Love, Victor” Season 2

Creekwood High cute couple alert!

The cuteness factor just got dialed up Creekwood High.

The new trailer for the upcoming second season of Love, Victor has dropped and judging from the preview, Victor (Michael Cimino) and Benji (George Sear) — a.k.a Venji — are #relationshipgoals as we see the two kiss and hold hands in front of all their classmates.

But, it can't be all heart eye emojis — this series is about teens after all, so of course, some drama awaits Victor and his friends, including his family. In the preview, we get some glimpses of Victor's mother, Isabel (Ana Ortiz), who looks like she's not having the easiest time accepting Victor being so out and open about his new relationship. Will she able to accept her son's sexuality?

Michael Desmond/Hulu

Love, Victor -- “The Sex Cabin” - Episode 204 -- On a weekend getaway, Victor and Benji hope to take their relationship to the next level. Victor (Michael Cimino) and Benji (George Sear), shown. (Photo by: Michael Desmond/Hulu)

Back in February at the Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour, Hulu made the announcement that Season 2 will premiere Friday, June 11 — and like the first season, all 10 episodes will drop at once. The streamer also released a description of what high school drama will be awaiting Victor (Michael Camino) in the new episodes:

Season 2 picks up with a newly out-of-the-closet Victor entering his junior year at Creekwood High. However, being out brings new challenges as Victor faces a family struggling with his revelation, a heartbroken ex-girlfriend in Mia (Rachel Naomi Hilson), and the difficulties of being an openly gay star athlete — all while navigating the excitement of his new relationship with Benji (George Sear).

When Love, Victor was renewed last summer, co-showrunner Brian Tanen said the series’ writers plan to “push the envelope” in Season 2 now that the show is intentionally being produced for Hulu.

“For me, it’s a gigantic win that we are on Hulu moving forward. It opens our ability to tell more adult stories,” Tanen revealed after the first season premiered. “We’d love to tell sexier stories. That’s going to be so much more exciting on a network like Hulu, which, since they’ve adopted us, have been so supportive of the show and incredible partners.”

Considering one of the episodes is titled "The Sex Cabin" we are guessing Tanen stayed true to his word with this new batch of episodes.

Get ready to run through the halls of Creekwood High and check out the new Love, Victor trailer below.