Wolverine Is Now A Gay. A Hot, Hot Gay.

[caption id="attachment_90769" align="aligncenter" width="607"]Welcome to the club! Welcome to the club![/caption]

Comic books are just the best these days for us gays. Northstar got married over the summer, the new Green Lantern is gay, Batwoman just proposed to her girlfriend and now, perhaps best of all, Wolverine is engaging in some man love.

In the latest issue of Marvel’s X-Treme X-Men #10, Wolverine gets a new, muscular lover in demigod Hercules, one who urges him to wear more leather. Because that is what boyfriends do!

Sadly, this Wolverine is from an alternate universe (as is that other Green Lantern, it's kinda hard for us mere mortals here to understand), so don't expect to see Hugh Jackman getting it on with a dude any time soon.

Of course, we can always dream...

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