Rep. Ritchie Torres Would "Proudly" Vote to Impeach Trump

The out congressman joined Pennsylvania state Rep. Brian Sims for a special edition of Logo Live.

Out Rep. Ritchie Torres made it clear where he stands on removing President Donald Trump from office.

The Bronx native — who broke ground last November when he became one of the first Black LGBTQ people elected to Congress — was one of two guests who joined host Johnny Sibilly for last night's episode of Logo Live. In the wake of Wednesday's violent insurrection at the Capitol, Thursday's show focused solely on unpacking what happened.

As a member of Congress himself, Torres was actually in the Capitol building when it was breached by pro-Trump rioters. "It was not the first week that I envisioned for myself as a new member of Congress," he admitted, "but I thank God that my colleagues and I are okay."

Torres explained how Wednesday's vote to confirm President-Elect Joe Biden's win represents American democracy in action, and how the calculated insurrection is truly unprecedented. "Never in the history of our country has a sitting president attempted to instigate a violent mob to storm into the Capitol in the hopes of derailing what should have been a peaceful transfer of powerful," he said. "Donald Trump represents a uniquely destructive, dangerous presidency."

Like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Torres believes that the 25th Amendment should be invoked to remove Trump from office — but if that fails to happen, Torres is ready to cast his ballot in favor of impeachment. "[Trump] is a clear and present threat to the security of our nation... and he has to be removed from public office immediately," he told Sibilly. "And I would proudly [vote yes]; that's the easiest vote I could ever cast."

Courtesy of Brian Sims

Sibilly also caught up with state Rep. Brian Sims (pictured above), an outspoken LGBTQ activist and the first openly gay candidate elected to Pennsylvania's state legislature. Sims suspects Trump will get ousted ahead of Biden's inauguration. The more important discussion now, he explained, is what the first 100 days of Biden's presidency will look like.

"We have to have a massive rethink, rehaul, rebuild, and refund of our criminal justice system," Sims continued. "When that happens, we can start to look at all the other things that can change."

Sims also weighed in eloquently on a dilemma many of us can relate to: having difficult discussions with people in our lives who may support Trump or not understand why his rhetoric is harmful.

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Main image: Rep. Ritchie Torres.

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