Oregon Man Caught on Camera Harassing a Lesbian Couple

Police are investigating the incident, which happened last Sunday.

Police in Portland, O.R., are investigating an incident of homophobic harassment directed toward a lesbian couple.

Last weekend, wives Wendy and Tru Dragoon were trying to help a lost dog in their residential neighborhood when a man in a truck revved his engine and drove toward them at an intersection. The Dragoons told CNN that they yelled, "What the fuck, dude?"

The driver then made a U-turn, got out of his truck, and verbally harassed them, hurling homophobic slurs, crude remarks about lesbian sex, and threats of violence.

"I turned on my camera when my wife stepped off the curb and as he was backing away," Wendy said.

The couple later uploaded the video to Facebook, where it was shared more than 360 times.

According to a report from the Portland Police Department, an officer was flagged down regarding the incident and put an end to the altercation. Nobody was injured, and no arrests were made, though Wendy took to Facebook to voice her frustrations about how the "good guy cop clearly did not want to help us."

The report cautions that situations like this are "complex legally." Portland police Sgt. Chris Burley agrees: "Just because of hateful speech, an officer cannot necessarily take somebody into custody," he told CNN.

The investigation is ongoing. Meanwhile, the Dragoons' neighbors have stepped up to show their support of the couple with chalk drawings and rainbow flag displays.

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