First Look At Grant Gustin's "The Flash" Costume: PHOTO

the flash

The Flash, a new TV series detailing the small-screen adventures of DC Comics' super-speedster, is coming to CW later this year. The network has just released the first images of Grant Gustin as the title hero in a costume  designed by long-time Tim Burton collaborator Colleen Atwood.

According to HitFix: "Gustin's guest stint was one of the highlights of this Arrow season so far, particularly the recreation of his famous lightning strike origin story, and what we can see of the costume suggests the producers aren't running away from the idea of a show about a super speedster wearing a tight red costume adorned with lightning bolts." Production is scheduled to begin on the show next week.

Made of a darker leather and with a less obtrusive headpiece than in the comics, the new design fits with the show's grittier aesthetic. For comparison, here's a look at artist Bruce Timm's interpretation of the Flash from the Justice League cartoon:

the flash

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