Wendy Williams Attempts To Out Kanye West, Calling Kim Kardashian His Beard

"I like your beard... and your facial hair, too."

Wendy Williams' relationship with the LGBT community is a complex, problematic hot topic.

She's been dinged countless times for anti-LGBT rhetoric, using derogatory phrases like "no homo," and consistently calling Caitlyn Jenner by her former name, yet she's also gone on record several times, calling gay men "her people."

Yesterday, Wendy continued to wallow in murky territory, attempting to out Kanye West, first clocking the rapper for retitling his upcoming album, Swish – which Williams pointedly pronounced as "Swishy," a disparaging term for gay men.

Then Wendy went in, addressing Kanye's Twitter war with Wiz Khalifa, which resulted in this messy, messy tweet from their shared ex Amber Rose:

Telling the audience that she "didn't get out of bed for nothing this morning," Wendy popped a throat lozenge and decided to go old school, telling the screaming crowd that this top story had to be told from "an OG in the whole booty play war."

"Anyone who knows me from radio knows that since 1990 I have been talking to you all about what goes on allegedly behind some men's [closed doors]. I have been suspended without pay, I have been left for dead on the turnpike, you all have thrown tomatoes at me, but I'm just saying, the fact that you all want to talk about it, I am so exhausted by it. This is the same broken record that Wendy's been talking about since forever. No judgements. Just saying."

Crowd reaction:

After moving on to the next segment, Wendy double backed and had her team put a picture of Kanye back on the screen so she could add: "I like your beard... and your facial hair, too."

Watch the full segment below.

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