DaBaby Under Fire for Homophobic Comments About HIV

The "Rockstar" rapper reportedly said HIV will "make you die in two or three weeks," which is simply untrue.

Rapper DaBaby is under fire for spreading misinformation about gay men and HIV/AIDS.

While performing at Miami's Rolling Loud festival on Sunday (July 25), the "Rockstar" artist, born Jonathan Lyndale Kirk, reportedly invited audience members to hold up their cell phones — apart from anyone who is HIV-positive, or a gay man who "[sucks] dick in the parking lot."

The 29-year-old also claimed HIV will "make you die in two or three weeks," which is patently false. With modern HIV medication, people who reach and maintain an undetectable viral load can live a long and healthy life, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

In reality, it is the stigma surrounding HIV/AIDS that prevents people from seeking preventative drugs like Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP), HIV testing, or life-saving treatment. As GLAAD determined in its 2020 State of HIV Stigma survey, more than half of Americans still believe dangerous myths about HIV/AIDS.

Naturally, LGBTQ+ celebrities and Twitter users were not here for DaBaby's discriminatory and inaccurate remarks.

"DaBaby is a weirdo," tweeted Shamir, a fellow musician. "Why you THAT concerned with gay people's sex lives? I assure you it never once crossed my mind to start talking about straight men's sexual health while on stage..."

"Hey @DaBabyDaBaby, undetectable = untransmittable ... U = U," added RuPaul's Drag Race legend Trinity K. Bonet. "That will educate you on at-least one of them dumb ass comments you made."

In response to the backlash, DaBaby actually doubled down on his comments, posting a lengthy Instagram Story attempting to explain himself. "My gay fans ain’t going for that. They got class," he said. "They ain’t sucking no dick in no parking lot. Even my gay fans got standards."

Ugh. We'd expect more from someone who collaborated with Dua Lipa on a remix of her hit song "Levitating." Luckily, the official Grindr Twitter account weighed in with a practical solution:

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