Moldovan Wrestler Nicolai Ceban Is Our Newest Olympic Bae

We REALLY need to get a map.

You can get whiplash from all the Olympic hotness on display in Rio. First we drooled over Chinese swimmer Ning Zetao, and the everyone went gaga for Tongan taekwando master Pita Taufatofu at the Opening Ceremonies.

Now it's barely one day into the Games and we've already turned our attention to Nicolai Ceban, a 30-year-old freestyle wrestler from Moldova.

Dear lord.


He's like a hot, hairless bear. And we don't mean the gay kind—he's like a friggin' kodiak someone stuck in a singlet.

At 6'1" and 210lb, Ceban has already won Olympic gold and is ranked Number 11 in the world. Watch him in a qualifying match from earlier in the year.

And in 2012

Below, he talks about going to prison when he was younger, and how Jesus helped see him through. (We just ignored the subtitles for that part.)

Men's freestyle wrestling is on August 21, so you'll know where to find us.

h/t: Alexander Moskin/Wrestling Arena Info

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