Everyone Hates The 'Happy Endings' Cast

The cast of Happy Endings are a total pack of as*holes apparently, and no one wants to hang out with them or act with them or even play with them because they suck. They suck and they're mean and they're awful and they have no friends.

It's time for Wacky Weekly Wednesday.

Once again we turn to Star, the worldwide leader in printing sh*t that lacks even an ounce of truth, for their searing 151-word expose of just how awful the cast of the ABC show, which we think is one of the funniest things on TV, behaves towards extras and guest stars.

A spy on the set (OMG this is sooooo Petraeus) claims, "[The cast] is constantly laughing at inside jokes, and if you aren't in their group you're completely ignored."

Wait, the cast gets along and jokes with one another and not with total strangers they do not know? Heathens!

It gets even worse. Megan Mullally hates them so much she will never, ever work with them again. In fact, she told producers that they should never contact her after working with this cast that likes to joke and have fun. On the set of Will & Grace, she and Debra Messing did nothing but light each other's hair on fire and slit one another's tires, like sitcom casts are supposed to do.

Mullally has guest starred on the show twice mind you.

Even Mark-Paul Gosselaar was hard to bring on, though producers succeeded, but only because he has "alimony payments to make." Ummm, okay...

So basically we need to boycott Happy Endings everyone. That last thing we want is another show with a group of actors who get along.

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