Bianca Del Rio Calls Out Rude Theatergoer: "Dear Blonde Bitch With Glasses..."

Do NOT get on Bianca's bad side.

If you've watched Season 6 of RuPaul's Drag Race or seen either of the Hurricane Bianca movies, you know not to get on Bianca Del Rio's bad side.

But that's just what one theatergoer did at a recent performance of Everybody's Talking About Jamie. Bianca recently returned to the hit West End musical to reprise her role as Hugo, a.k.a. Loco Chanelle, a retired local drag queen who helps a gay teen in a small English town create his drag persona.

Apparently, a woman in the audience was filming the first act of the musical on her phone, which was noticed by the cast, including Bianca.

"Dear blonde bitch with glasses, Thanks for distracting the ENTIRE CAST and SEVERAL PEOPLE AROUND YOU as you filmed during all of ACT ONE with your phone in your hand," the Drag Race winner tweeted after the performance. "This is not a concert, theme park or even a cruise ship... it's THE THEATRE! RESPECT IT!"

Someone on Twitter replied to Bianca's tweet saying that "comedy is not theater. It's acceptable," mistakenly thinking Bianca was referring to an audience member at one of her comedy shows.

"It’s a musical in the WEST END. The equivalent to FUCKTART," the "clown in a gown" tweeted back. Oh, Bianca, never change.

Bianca, whose real name is Roy Haylock, returned to Jamie on December 9 after making her London theater debut in the show earlier this year. "I'm so thrilled and excited to be rejoining the cast of Everybody's Talking About Jamie in the West End," said the Blame It on Bianca Del Rio author in a statement. "I'm honored and beyond grateful to have the opportunity to work with such an incredibly talented cast and crew once again!"

But if you're planning to catch Bianca on the West End, it's best to leave your phone in your bag.

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