Betty White Wants You to Know She's "Fine" Right Now

Finally, some good news out of the coronavirus pandemic!

Worried about Betty White amid the coronavirus pandemic? Well, the Golden Girls star has a message for you: She's totally fine.

As Today reported, concern over the 98-year-old actress' wellbeing erupted on Twitter after another well-loved Hollywood star revealed he'd contracted the virus: 63-year-old actor Tom Hanks and his wife, Rita Wilson, both of whom were hospitalized in isolation in Australia for their cases of COVID-19.

Hanks and his wife aren't the only celebrities to test positive for the virus, either. English actor Idris Elba confirmed earlier this week that he, too, tested positive for the virus, although his bout of COVID-19 is asymptomatic. Still, the 47-year-old actor quarantined himself and is urging others to take the public health crisis seriously.

After fans voiced their concerns for White, a rep for the actress confirmed to Today on Thursday that "Betty is fine."


Finally, some good news!

Are we the only ones wondering how Dorothy and the rest of the Golden Girls would be coping with a quarantine in their Miami home?

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