Daniel Craig in the Surf: The New Pantyless Sharon Stone?

I always think it's really stupid when a company releases a poll like this, obviously designed to get attention, or when People releases its list of Beautiful People, obviously designed to sell magazines. They're all so meaningless.

That said, I think this Daniel Craig thing is something different. To tell the truth, I didn't understand what the hullaballo was all about...until I saw the movie.

What's extraordinary about that scene, and this movie, is that Daniel Craig is presented unapologetically as a sex-symbol. That scene with the skin-tight blue trunks? It's a reference to that famous scene in Dr. No when Ursula Andress emerges from the water in a bikini.

But this time, it's the guy who's the object of lust! It's fricking James Bond who drips with raw sexuality!

Folks, this is big. It just does not happen in American movies, at least not very often. Remember 9 1/2 Weeks, one of the few times Hollywood actually tried to make a sexy movie? Micky Rourke stayed fully clothed the whole time while Kim Basinger rolled around massaging herself with an ice cube. That has always been America's idea of "sexy"!

But not anymore. And if box office and buzz are any indication, Americans are loving it.

It's a new day dawning, one that I'm happy to wake up in.