Ace Of Base Reveals The Secret Behind Britney Spears' "All That She Wants" Cover

And frontman Ulf Ekberg reviews the track for the first time ever.

Any Britney Spears fan with knowledge of the singer’s extensive library of unreleased material knows she recorded a cover of Ace of Base’s “All That She Wants” in 2007, around the same time she was recording songs for the Blackout album.

In an interview with ABC News, Ace of Base frontman Ulf Ekberg spoke of the track for the first time ever and even offered his opinion on it.

"It was very strong," he said.

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Ekberg explained that the band and Spears shared management at the time, and Spears was asked to cover the song to raise her popularity in the European market.

"They wanted to release it, but that was a difficult time for her," Ekberg said. "It was only in Denmark, never finished and didn't end up on her album. It was cool though. She took the choruses, took away the verses and wrote new ones about her mom. It was very strong."

Check out the song below:

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