Dive Into the Dazzling Trailer for Discovery+’s “The Book of Queer”

"History never looked so fabulous!"

The library is open!

Discovery+ and queer historian — and past Logo30 honoree — Dr. Eric Cervini have announced a new five-episode series, The Book of Queer, exploring the lives of LGBTQ figures throughout history. According to Cervini the television event is the "largest all-queer cast in the history of Hollywood."

The preview is a who's who of LGBTQ talent so keep your eyes and ears peeled for everyone from Vincint to Betty Who, Margaret Cho, Gottmik, Miss Vanjie, Kim Chi, and many more. The Book of Queer will depict LGBTQ heroes from history, everyone from "gender-bending Egyptian pharaohs" to Joan of Arc and the Stonewall Riots. And if that wasn't enough to sell you, each episode will end with a musical number.


"It’s a queer history extravaganza, with 5 episodes, telling 15 true stories, written by 12 queer comedians, taught by 18 queer historians, featuring 30 queer actors, narrated by 5 queer celebrities, and peer reviewed by 15 queer scholars," Cevini wrote on Instagram when he shared the series trailer. "Oh, and each episode ends with choreographed musical number performed by one of 5 queer musicians."

"Setting a new standard of representation, The Book of Queer declares that the days of others telling our stories are over. These are queer stories, told by queer people," Cervini adds. "They’re stories that prove we didn’t just survive; we thrived."

In a statement, Howard Lee, president of TLC Streaming and Network Originals said: "Throughout the centuries, LGBTQ+ stories have been kept under wraps for far too long. The Book of Queer will shine a surprising light on queer history that will make heads spin."

The Book of Queer hits Discovery+ this June, until then check out the dazzling trailer below.

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