Colby Keller Dishes On Stripping Down For Vivienne Westwood Campaign

"As an activist I'm drawn to her punk sensibility."

Colby Keller broke the gay internet earlier this week when he was revealed as one of the stars of Vivienne Westwood's SS16 campaign.

The campaign, titled “Mirror the World,” was shot throughout Venice by renowned fashion photog Juergen Teller and highlights the beauty and decay of the ancient city – and the urgent need to save it.

"The fashion industry is recognizing that Instagram stars, bloggers and porn stars have a far reaching influence that sometimes equals or even at times surpasses the fan base of a 'conventional' celebrity or model," Roger Padilha, Creative Director of MAO Public Relations, tells us. "I suspect the casting directors for VW also took into account that the combination of good looks and his artistic endeavors beyond the world of porn were as much a factor in deciding beyond the obvious appeal of breaking down taboos in the advertising industry.”

Below, we chat with Keller about breaking down aforementioned barriers and what's next.

How did you get involved with the campaign?

I'm not 100% certain but I think it was twofold. It might have been through my friend and fashion designer, Bernhard Wilhelm who is friends with Andreas Kronthaler (Vivienne's husband). We'd gone thrifting in LA and he snapped a pic of me in some Vivienne Westwood vintage trousers and sent the pic to Andreas.

Or it might have been from a consignment auction I was invited to participate in called Hasbeens and Willbees and Dame (yes, she's an actual dame) Vivienne was another one of the participants so she may have heard about me from that. And then someone from her team got in touch with me.

Were you surprised that you'd be going fully nude?

What do you mean? I was in Vivienne Westwood in every photo!

How is porn modeling different from high fashion modeling?

CK: The biggest difference is that the shoot is more focused on the clothes. It was a wonderful opportunity to work with Juergen Teller who, in addition to being a nice guy, has an honest improvisational style that I have always liked. It was just a great, super hardworking team of people that were all incredibly friendly and accommodating.

What is it about Vivienne Westwood's aesthetic that is appealing to you?

CK: As a nerd at heart, I always appreciate the historical references embedded in her work, and as an activist I'm drawn to her punk sensibility. She puts a lot of thought, research and heart into every collection.

What's next for Colby Keller?

CK: I've just finished filming state 49 in the Colby Does America (NFSW) project. What's next? Alaska and the Aurora Borealis!

Check out the full campaign (including Colby's uncensored full frontal pic) here.

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