Matt Damon Thinks Jason Bourne Can Beat Up Batman, Kristen Stewart Feels Sorry For Kim Davis, Bernie Sanders Gets Cheers At Liberty University: MEME

Manu Bennett arrested for assault at Alamo City Comic Con, Putin Calls Sir Elton, Christpher Nolan may direct "Akira" trilogy

Kristen Stewart says that she feels bad for Kim Davis. “Oh my god… did you see her come out of jail? Honestly, it makes me so deeply uncomfortable. I feel really bad for her. Anyone who’s so closed off to things that are so apparent? Imagine what else she’s missing out on in life. I’m not making any grand statements about her personally, but if something so glaringly obvious… it’s like, ‘Oh, buddy, that must suck’. That fear of the unknown cripples people, breeds hate, and it’s just very sad.” Just in case anybody didn't miss her obvious revulsion at what Davis was doing, she thinks opposing equality is nuts. “Abso-f**king-lutely, it is crazy."

Which brings us to the Kim Davis round up. She's back at work and allowing her deputy clerk to issue marriage licenses, but not in her name, instead the form says "pursuant to a court order." Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear says that despite what Davis is saying, the state is recognizing those licenses as valid and they are being processed.

Kim is going to be honored at the Family Research Council's 10th annual Values Voter Summit with the Cost of Discipleship award for her martyrdom.

Speaking of backwards states, Mississippi is still defending their ban on same-sex adoption. The attorney general says “While the Supreme Court’s decisions in Obergefell v. Hodges and United States v. Windsor recently established that the federal and state governments must recognize valid same sex marriages, and states must license them, over-extending those decisions to purportedly invalidate Section 93-17-3(5) through a preliminary injunction would be entirely inappropriate." Yeah, he's going to lose this one, and be paying more attorney's fees to the plaintiffs.

Matt Damon says that he thinks that Jason Bourne could beat up the new Batman, played by his buddy Ben Affleck. “Jason Bourne would kick the s—t out of Batman — absolutely! Batman’s gotta take on Superman first. If he could beat him then maybe he could take on Jason Bourne.”

Of course not everything that Matt Damon says makes sense. One the fourth season of Project Greenlight, the only film maker of color in the room felt it her responsibility to question the diversity of the film. Matt took a moment to whitesplain diversity in film to a woman of color.

Things are changing, and not always for the better. At the end of the month, for the first time in its ten year history, Pink Is the New Blog won't be written by Trent Vanegas, who has been ousted against his will. He sold it years ago, but continued to write it. I haven't read PITNB in years, but it was a staple for me as a young gay.

It appears that a lot of you will be happy - Nickelodeon doesn't appear to be rebooting their classics like Rugrats, but instead is creating a new channel called The Splat that will showcase all their classic programs like Aaahh! Real Monsters and Angry Beavers. Of course the word "channel" is a flexible thing these days and we don't know exactly what that means right now.

Eight years after Universal Music issued a takedown for a 29 second YouTube video with Prince's "Let's Go Crazy" with a dancing baby, the Ninth Circuit has ruled that Universal didn't take into account Fair Use before issuing the takedown, and as such is liable for damages for the takedown, setting a broad precedent for Fair Use.

Yesterday Bernie Sanders spoke at the ultra conservative Liberty University to a huge crowd and a warm welcome. He quickly, in the first minute of his speech acknowledged he probably had some political differences with the crowd. “I believe in women’s rights. And the right of a woman to control her own body. I believe in gay rights and gay marriage.” Here's the thing though: While it wasn't universal, each of those sentences got a loud, sustained cheer. If the far right can't control the minds of the youth at Liberty University, they've completely lost this fight. It's over.

Did you know that you can buy Leona Lewis' new album via Grindr for only $3.99? Neither did I, and based on Buzzfeed's survey of Grindr users, she's not going to debut at #1 based on those purchases.

AT&T tweeted an ad that encouraged people attending live theater to watch NFL games on their phones during the show. Not. Smart. The entire theater community immediately mobilized to drag the media giant hard. Don't piss off creative people on a touchy subject. AT&T has since deleted the tweet, and apologized in a half-hearted way. You can't buy this level of bad press.

So every couple of years I report on an effort to make a live action Akira movie that never goes anywhere. But this time it may be different! Why? Because it's supposedly going to be done by Christopher Nolan, who can get any studio to sign over $250 million to make what he wants to make, and right now he wants to make an Akira triology.

Manu Bennett went all Slade on someone at 4:30AM while attending Alamo City Comic Con and got arrested for assault. He spent the night in jail and is out on bail, but not a lot of details are available beyond that, although considering the hour, and the mughsot, I'm guessing alcohol was involved.

South Park intends to take on Caitlyn Jenner in their season premiere September 16, and the official Twitter for the show braced everyone with "The boys express their utmost respect for Caitlyn Jenner in this Wednesday’s all-new episode 'Stunning and Brave'." There's no way for this to go well, is there?

Jonathan Clynch, a 16 year veteran radio presenter for Ireland’s RTÉ has come out as gender fluid and will be known as Jonathan Rachel Clynch. RTÉ issued a statement “[We], both as an employer and broadcaster, value the uniqueness of individuals and encourage diversity and equality. We are 100% supportive of Jonathan Rachel who is a valued member of staff and a highly respected journalist.” There are very few public figures out as gender fluid, with Ruby Rose and Miley Cyrus coming to mind, but I can't think of one who was previously known as male, so good for him for blazing a new path.

Yesterday I mentioned that Sir Elton John said he wanted to talk to Vladimir Putin about LGBT rights and most of us scoffed at the idea that Putin would be willing, but he called Sir Elton to have a chat. Not much is known about the conversation other that what Sir Elton put on Instagram. “Thank-you to President Vladimir Putin for reaching out and speaking via telephone with me today. I look to forward to meeting with you face-to-face to discuss LGBT equality in Russia.”

Have you ever been talking to a younger (or older) gay and realize that none of your pop culture references are hitting? It happens to all of us, but it's getting worse. When I first came out, the community gave me a Fairy Godmother, who taught me the language of the community, as well as how to stay safe with hookups and navigate the bars. The internet, not to mention the lost generation of AIDS, kind of killed that, so we don't pass cultural history the same way. So we get conversations like this. I even had one recently with a young man who didn't know what Will & Grace was. Thankfully I discovered this before I slept with him and excused myself as he was obviously too young for me.

Steve Grand played in San Diego this past weekend and the local CW station interviewed him. One of the anchors had obviously skipped the briefing when she asked him about the women he dated becoming song inspirations. I have to give it to Steve, he handled it smoothly and used it as a broad teaching moment, but it was a tense moment, since the other anchor was obviously prepared, and they even had footage of the Marine Ball proposal ready to run. Do your homework kids.

For many of us, we think about aspect ration mostly in terms of television. We lived through the transition from standard definition to high definition, and we've watched older programs get butchered in reruns thanks to cropping, like The Simpsons when it was syndicated and the "Old Man Yells At Clouds" headline was cut off the classic scene. But aspect ratios are changed in movies all the time, sometimes from scene to scene in order to convey space and scope. Here's a few examples of how our vision is used to manipulate us.

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