Lego Makes Final Decision About "Golden Girls" Set

A set featuring Blanche, Dorothy, Rose, Sofia and their Miami home was a finalist in the current Lego Ideas project competition.

In April we reported on the Lego super-fan whose dream Golden Girls set was actually being considered for production by the toymaker.

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But this week, Lego announced it wouldn't be turning our favorite Miami bungalow into a playset.

In fact, none of the 11 finalists on the Lego Ideas project competition were being green-lighted.

Other contenders included a Frozen set, a scale model of the Titanic, an International Space Station, and a set devoted to Daft Punk.

“Usually we happily announce project(s) will become the next Lego Ideas product(s), but unfortunately this time we’re not able to do so,” reads a statement posted on the Lego Ideas blog.

“For a number of reasons, none of the projects that qualified during this period were selected in the Lego Review; this has never happened before and we’re very disappointed to pass on this news, especially because we know the huge amount of effort each member put into creating the models and campaigning for their projects.”

Fans are invited to post plans for proposed Lego sets on the Lego Ideas blog—if their set receives 10,000 or more votes, the company reviews the plan for possible production.

Reasons why a project may or may not be approved are varied, and can include issues getting the licensing rights, similarity to an existing product and safety concerns.

Below, check out all 11 finalists.

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