Batwoman & Her Girlfriend Are Getting Married ... Maybe

[caption id="attachment_90364" align="aligncenter" width="607"]The happy (hopefully) couple. The happy (hopefully) couple.[/caption]

In the latest issue of "Batwoman (#17)," which is in stores today, our leading lady Kathy Kane has a certain request of girlfriend Detective Maggie Sawyer. And it’s the not kind that (usually) involves handcuffs and bad guys either.


That’s right, Batwoman FINALLY put a ring on that thing. The DC heroines began dating in 2011 and the duo is currently the most high-profile lesbian couple in the comic book world.

The proposition is beautifully illustrated and written by J.H. Williams III and Haden Blackman as the two ladies share a kiss and then- a question. And a cliffhanger!

Will Mags say yes? Will something terrible and super-distracting happen before she can answer? Will she wait to see the ring? Will this be the first superhero couple to actually last? And can this please set a precedent for more LGBT characters and relationships in graphic novels? Can humans even marry bats???

Here’s hoping. Cheers, you crazy kids!

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