"Roswell, New Mexico" Returns With Out of This World Season 3 Trailer

But will we see another rendezvous at Planet 7?

Reserve a table at the Crashdown Cafe because we are finally returning to Roswell, New Mexico.

The CW sci-fi drama wrapped its second season last summer, and after what seemed like light years, the network announced that Roswell Season 3 will premiere on Monday, July 26. Now, we finally have the first teaser of what alien antics are in store for Roswell's residents.

We last saw the show's trio of alien siblings, Max (Nathan Parsons), Isobel (Lily Cowles), and Michael (Michael Vlamis), venture into a tunnel only to discover the mysterious Mr. Jones, a clone — or twin? — of Max who had been imprisoned underground for years. Judging from the trailer, he doesn't have a friendly greeting for Max or the gang.

The teaser is also packed with kisses between Max and his longtime love, Liz (Jeanine Mason), but while Isobel and Michael are featured in the preview, we are still waiting to hear the latest on each of their relationship statuses. In Season 2, after Isobel was no longer married to her husband, she hooked up with Blair, the bartender from Roswell's gay bar, Planet 7. Meanwhile, in the finale, we saw Michael's on-again-off-again boyfriend, Alex (Tyler Blackburn), sing an emotional song for his new crush, Forrest (Christian Antidormi). Will there be justice for Malex shippers? Who knew extraterrestrials' love lives could be so... extra!

In addition to Roswell having LGBTQ characters since day one, the series has leaned into its queerness over time, adding a new gay character, Forrest, and casting transgender actress Jamie Clayton (Sense8) as special agent Charlie Cameron. Hopefully, there will be even more queer characters — and a return to Planet 7 — in Rosewell's upcoming third and recently greenlit fourth seasons.

Check out the exclusive premiere of the first teaser for Roswell, New Mexico Season 3 below. For another sneak peek, tune in July 24 for a conversation with the cast and executive producer Chris Hollier at this year's San Diego Comic Con@Home on the Comic Con YouTube.

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