Adam Lambert Opens Up With Oreo In New Ad Campaign

This cookie doesn't crumble.

Four years ago Oreo celebrated Pride in the most colorful way possible, with an ad featuring a rainbow cookie.

Needless to say, this show of support caused controversy and backlash, and most tragically, disappointment when it was revealed that Oreo would not actually be releasing Pride cookies for mass consumption.

They obviously haven't learned their lesson, because their new ad campaign features the living embodiment of a rainbow cookie, Adam Lambert.

The "Open Up With Oreo" campaign features two short commercial spots, with a hopeful message, "Open your heart - like a cookie - to people who are different than you and you’ll discover the similarities."

“It was always this fantasy — wouldn’t it be such a treat to record a song for a TV commercial?” Adam said to Billboard about the campaign. “The mission statement really spoke to me. They’re encouraging people to look at our similarities as opposed to our differences and that is in line with my philosophy.”

Says Lambert of the ad's music: “I think it sounds [like] signature me. I got to go into the studio and suggest how I wanted it recorded. It was very collaborative and a really sweet idea. And we all love Oreo cookies.”

Adam celebrates his 34th birthday today, and has been on a career roll, with this new ad campaign, a North American tour, and the continued success of his album The Original High and its first single "Ghost Town," which has now hit a milestone, being certified gold in the U.S.

Adam's North American tour kicks off February 23 in Huntington N.Y.

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