Frank Ocean Jokes About Bottoming: "I Don’t Really Have A D*ck In My Ass"

The moment went down on the artist's Beats1 radio show.

Frank Ocean hasn't talked much about his sexuality since coming out in 2012, but recently included some playful banter about bottoming on his Beats1 show, "Blonded Radio."

An interlude during the show, hosted by Ocean, Vegyn, Roof Access and Federico Aliprandi, contained a brief sketch featuring the Grammy winner in a heated conversation with his mother.

"I don't really have a d*ck in my ass," Ocean jokes over the beat of Delroy Edwards' "I Love Sloane."

"Even joking about it, that something is wrong!" the mother responds in disgust. "Is that what you’re saying you want? Oh my Lord!"

"I was just playing," Ocean says in between laughter. "I wasn't even talking about myself, I was talking about someone else."

Overall, the interlude is ambiguous and mysterious, much like Ocean himself. But we'll take anything from the talented singer we can get.

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