Toddler Asks NYC Drag Queen to Lip Sync for Their Life to "Baby Shark"

The video of the performance has now been viewed more than 500,000 times.

Every weekend drag brunches are happening all over the country as drag queens dance around and perform as audiences guzzle down pitchers of mimosas. New York queen Marti Gould Cummings began performing at a drag brunch at Talde, a restaurant in Jersey City, New Jersey earlier this year, but this past weekend she had to lip sync for her life to an unusual request for a drag queen: the earworm of a children's song, "Baby Shark."

Marti explained to NBC News how there have been children at the drag brunch before, but usually they are too busy being entertained by an iPad to notice this dancing drag queens. “But Saturday we decided to do a 'drag roulette,' where the audience picks a bunch of songs for us to perform at random,” Cummings told NBC. “I asked the little boy what he wanted to see performed, because he had been paying attention when I got to their table, and he asked for 'Baby Shark.' The DJ quickly found the song online, and we added it to the playlist for him.”

The "Baby Shark" lip sync was caught on video, which Marti posted to Twitter and Instagram, and now the clip has been viewed more than 500,000 times. “So many people have responded to the video with so much love,” said Marti. “Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez liked it on Instagram. Gus Kenworthy and Audra McDonald retweeted.”

“The internet can be such a toilet for negative, toxic behavior and misinformation," Marti explained. "So it feels incredible to be part of this one moment that is using the internet to spread so much love and joy." Marti did tweet out how the most "hate" they have received was for not knowing the dance to "Baby Shark":

Bringing smiles to kids' faces isn't the only way Marti is spending their time. Inspired by the results of the 2016 presidential election, Cummings founded HK Dems, which in 2017 helped elect a new district leader in the Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood of Manhattan. Marti now also sits on the Mayor’s Nightlife Advisory Board in New York and the board of directors for the Ali Forney Center for homeless LGBTQ youth.

Marti was also featured as part of 2018's Logo30, where she was highlighted for her political activism. The New York-based queen is originally from Kennedyville, Maryland, and is currently planning Midshore Pride, the first LGBTQ Pride celebration on Maryland's Eastern Shore on the weekend of May 3-5.