Shirtless Rugby Players Give The Safety Demonstration Every Airline Needs

Please apply my oxygen mask, sir.

Exactly zero people on any given airplane pay attention to the in-flight safety demonstrations given by flight attendants before takeoff. It's not that we're not interested in safety information, it's just that we'd be more interested if the flight attendants were hot, young, shirtless guys.

One lucky Virgin flight from Cairns to Sydney was treated to an in-flight safety demonstration by the shirtless dudes of the Norwest Polecats Rugby League back in 2011. Their video is going viral once again now for obvious reasons.

Polecats President Rob Weisback explains the demonstration was all in good fun. Apparently Virgin staff allowed the boys to get up and give a refresher course immediately after their official one, and we're pretty sure the boys had a lot more eyes on them ???

Suddenly that horrible looking oxygen mask isn't so scary!