What's It Like To Be A Butch Queer Woman Who Sleeps With Guys?

"The Feels" is asking the important questions in its second season.

The second season of The Feels premieres today, kicking off with a conversation about someone who looks like a "lesbian James Dean," but also sleeps with men.

"No one ever stops asking me questions," Tara Clancy tells series creator Tim Manley in her thick New York accent. "The butch who sleeps with men? People are like infinitely fascinated. We're not, like, all over the place."

The Feels

In the episode, "Different," Clancy confides that she enjoys sleeping with men, but she doesn't ever want them to "stay for breakfast." Dudes are for casual hookups only, romantic relationships are the purview of the women in her life.

With one notable exception.

"There was one man who got a pancake out of me," she reveals. "I had a boyfriend from 16 to 19, and I loved him. But since then, you know, just sex."

Each "semi-scripted" episode of The Feels depicts funny, awkward, and touching moments, many of which come in the form of vulnerable, and at times hilarious, conversations between queer friends.

Naje Lataillade

"It takes the likes of a Tim Manley—a.k.a. the Sweetest Man Alive—to make a Queens butch comfortable enough to share her unicorn status," Clancy tells NewNowNext. "He's a rare gem."

The Feels isn't always about LGBT identities or issues, but even in the scenes where Manley focuses on his life as a high-school teacher, or what it's like to struggle with mental illness, a queer sensibility seeps in.

“One effect of the lack of representation on me is that I didn’t even realize I was missing it," Manley says. "I just felt alone and weird. I didn’t know how much I needed to see a bisexual cis man honestly expressing emotions, until I saw myself on screen doing it.”

But it's not just Manley's voice coming to bear: Guest co-writers this season include actress Adepero Oduye (12 Years a Slave, The Big Short) and agender activist Tyler Ford.

Catch up on Season 1 of The Feels, and then watch the Season 2 premiere with Tara Clancy below. A new episode will be released every day in June.

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