Colby Melvin: The Andrew Christian Model Speaks

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Have you seen the new Andrew Christian “Jockstrap Cowboys” video? If you haven’t, get on it. It’s hot. The just released behind the scenes videos, by the way, are even hotter and may require a cold shower after.

We recently caught up with Colby Melvin, one of the newest break out guys from the Andrew Christian videos, to ask a few questions. The 24-year-old, 5’8” model with a Southern accent is just about as charming as they come, and real cute, too. We discussed his take on full-frontal nudity, favorite underwear brand (the answer, of course, is not surprising,) and how in joining the Andrew Christian team, his gay-boy fantasies have finally come true.

So, after watching the “Jockstrap Cowboy” video, I have to ask: I heard you were fine with nudity, but not frontal nudity. What’s that about?

The way I look at it is: everyone has a butt. I don’t think there’s anything vulgar about it. Rear nudity I don’t really consider nudity so that’s why I’m comfortable showing that. Certain aspects, of course--nothing vulgar, always artistic--you know, I’m not looking to do porn. Frontal nudity is just a personal choice with all of this, you know?

Fair enough, although your fans might not like that answer. Maybe you can be a no-nudity role model?

I do think we need stronger role models in the gay community. You know, when kids are coming out and they’re looking for who to look up to and are trying to figure out how to be gay--I think that, while I have a ton of friends who are porn stars and do porn and everything, I think we need a more diverse selection of role models for the up and coming gay generation.

Nudity, or not, you seem to have a pretty easy time loosening up in front of the camera.. You’re obviously comfortable with your body and everything.

You know, I don’t have the perfect body but I’m comfortable with it and that’s a message I want to put out there, too, for all of these troubled teens and people that are struggling with coming out and body image issues. Just love yourself. That’s what I’m trying to do.

How’d you get started modeling, Colby?

I was in Houston, TX and I just happened to be at a pool party. Two underwear designers from a brand out of Houston, TX called Bayou Beau.. they saw me and they were like “Hey, we really like your look, would you be interested in modeling for us?” So I said, “Yea, sure, why not?” I’m not the tallest of guys so I really never gave much thought to modeling. So, I did. It went really well. A few months later I talked to Andrew Christian, sent them a picture and they asked me to send a picture of myself in some of their underwear and then they posted it on Facebook and it got, I don’t even know, like 2,000 likes and however many comments. It was over the top. So they said, “We really wanna work with you.” I was already coming out to the West Coast for LA Pride and I was able to schedule a shoot with them and that’s how I ended up here.

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