"Legends Never Die": Orville Peck and Shania Twain Queen Out at the Drive-In

With Jaida Essence Hall and John Waters?!

Drive-Ins are back in fashion this summer thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, and Orville Peck is really driving that point home.

Canadian country music queen Shania Twain collaborated with the mysterious masked singer for a duet, "Legends Never Die," from his new EP, Show Pony. And the new music video for the track is, as the kids would say, 🔥.

Not only does it feature Shania and Orville singing onstage together, but there are some familiar faces watching from their cars: RuPaul's Drag Race Season 12 winner Jaida Essence Hall, Miss Toto, and rising country stars Dale Hollow, Evil, and Teddy and the Rough Riders, among others. Keep your ears perked up for the voice of the "Pope of Filth" himself, John Waters, who plays a radio host at the beginning of the video.

Orville has been teasing his duet with Shania for weeks, and it's a match made in country music heaven as the two crooners' voices meld perfectly for the buzzy track that is a certified bop.

“I cannot thank Shania enough for being part of this; she has always been a hero of mine and her music made me feel so empowered growing up,” the masked singer said in a statement. “As cliché as it sounds, recording with her and getting to get up on stage and sing with her in Nashville is a dream come true. No words really.”

Let's go, girls because this song does impress us much!

Show Pony was originally scheduled for a June release, but Orville pushed it back to this week. It was evidently well worth the wait, with the EP receiving rave reviews.

Last year, Orville sat down with Gay Times U.K. to talk about being openly gay in the country music scene. He surprised readers by describing the genre as “super gay.”

“The drama. The storytelling. There’s so many incredible figures in country that gay dudes would die for, because it’s pageantry, almost,” he told the magazine. “With country music, there’s a long legacy of camp-ness, storytelling and flamboyance with costumes, wigs and rhinestones. Just look at Dolly Parton, she’s practically a drag queen.”

Watch his fab collab with Shania in the "Legends Never Die" video below.

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