GottMik on Her Makeup Pet Peeves and Making "Drag Race" Herstory

"The amount I grew on the show has really taught me that in the world, there's no limit."

Gottmik really did crash the cis-tem.

Even before making it to the final four of Season 13, Gottmik made Drag Race herstory as the first transmasculine contestant on the series. Known as a pro makeup artist before sashaying into the workroom, Mik proved she could beat a mug and bring fierce fashion to the runway week after week. Mik also showed her comedic side by winning Snatch Game with her hot Paris Hilton impression, getting some jabs in at the Nice Girls Roast, and stealing the show as a rockin' Russian bot in the "Social Media: The Rusical" challenge.

Gottmik spoke with NewNowNext about her makeup pet peeves, the next "lavender ceiling" she would love to see broken on the series, and her memories of performing "Stars Are Blind" at the Abbey in West Hollywood.

How does it feel to be the first trans masculine contestant on Drag Race?

It feels like it's the most insane thing in the entire world. Going into the competition, I was pretty nervous for that responsibility, and I was just really scared that I was going to say the wrong thing or people weren't going to perceive it well. And then as I progressed in the competition and started coming into my own and realizing the power I had in and out of drag, I just realized I was there for a reason and I had to be my authentic self. I am just so proud of everything I did, and I'm so proud to be a feminine trans guy telling my story on national television. It's just insane to me.

It is insane. You should be so proud.

Thank you.

What lavender ceiling do you want to see shattered next on Drag Race?

Even watching me talk about my story on TV has opened my eyes up in a way that gender and all this — everything is just such a spectrum. Society has put us all in this weird box that doesn't even exist. There are so many untold stories from both sides of the gender spectrum, all across the binary, that need to be told and are going to gag even me. I'm just so excited for every type of person ever to get on this show and tell their story. Or not even this show, just in the media more. I'm so proud of Drag Race for being one of the first to test the waters and really push us forward.

You're an incredible makeup artist. What's your biggest makeup pet peeve?

Oh, that is a great question. I think my biggest makeup pet peeve is... This is so random, but it's when people don't cut their eyelashes. Or they glue them on their waterline and then they're drawing this really gorgeous, snatched eye makeup, but the lash is drooping down. I look at that, I'm like, oh, you did so good...and then messed it all up at the end with one just improper glue. It's so sad.

You're right, that is random.

It is. It's so specific, but I see it all the time and I'm like, oh my God, what is going on?

For someone just starting out on their makeup journey, what is your number-one makeup tip?

I would tell them that it's just makeup, so you need to really go for it. Because I know everyone is just, especially starting off, so scared of black eyeshadow and liquid eyeliner. And I'm like, "Girl, if you mess up, you can just wipe it off." It is makeup. That is the magic and beauty of it all. So just go for it. Never hold back, and push yourself to the limits because makeup is so fun.

Are you thinking of starting a makeup line? Coming for Trixie Mattel's gig?

Oh my gosh. Well, actually, I do have a degree in product development. So I would love to do that in the future. I would love to get on it as soon as possible, actually.

I saw that you FaceTimed with Paris after your Snatch Game. Have you spoken with her since? Are there any plans to hang out IRL?

Oh my gosh. I think that was the last time I have spoken to her, so I have not talked to her since. But we have quite the mutual friend group and I have seen her around. I think because of the pandemic, we have not hung out. I feel like things are going to be getting back to normal, so I cannot wait to see her in person and just die laughing about this whole journey. It was crazy.

Your Snatch Game was so good. Isn't it crazy that people call it one of the best ever?

It is so funny to me. I can't even describe it to you. I remember the Tic-Tac lunch, RuPaul even asked. She was like, "Are you still dying that you won Snatch Game?" And I was like, "Yes." Because when she told me I won, I was dying, I was laughing. It's just so funny. I definitely knew I did well, but winning Snatch Game is hilarious. It's just too good.

It's amazing. Speaking of Paris, "Stars Are Blind" is one of the best bops ever.

Yes! One time, me and Gigi Gorgeous, were filming a pilot for a TV show that we were going to do together and we performed "Stars Are Blind" at the Abbey together. It's our favorite song ever.

So, I want to talk about the finale. How did you prepare? And what was going through your head during the lip-sync?

Yeah, getting ready for the's a little bit different this year. We have a ball, so I was more looks, and the lip-sync was obviously another look moment that I was trying to figure out. When I was sketching them and designing them, I was so worried about... I almost caught myself back where I was at the beginning of Drag Race, where I was like, okay, this is what you have to do in the finale. You have to have reveals. And I was designing all these things that I thought was expected of me. And then I looked at these sketches and I was like, I literally learned on the show to say, fuck what everyone thought and do exactly what makes me, me. So I scrapped everything a few weeks before and redesigned everything. And now every single one of my looks, I have never worn looks in my entire life that are more me. Every single look is me to the hundredth power. If you ever see my apartment, if I ever do a house tour, every single look I did, you'll see it somewhere in my house framed, or part of the decor, it's just, every look is so Gottmik.

Were you proud of how you did during the finale? How are you feeling since then?

Yes — I am so, so proud of how I did at the finale. I couldn't be happier. Everything worked out exactly how I wanted it to. I just can't believe that 10 years ago, people were telling me I couldn't do drag. And now I'm on the finale of RuPaul's Drag Race. It's just too much.

What was your favorite look that you wore this season?

Well, I have a favorite look and a favorite runway. One of my favorite runways was the Little Black Dress because I was so proud to have my scars out and just be naked. And having this "trans bodies are beautiful" moment naked on national television was so important to me. And it was a funny, campy moment, which is also my humor, so I was obsessed with it. And then, my favorite runway was either my pockets look with the watches or the body bag look. Both of those are very me but different.

What does your friendship with Kandy [Muse] mean to you? I love you two together.

Oh my God. My friendship with Kandy is just magic. She's one of the funniest people in my life. I'm so attracted to the loudest, craziest people in the entire world, so we clicked immediately. The more I get to know her, the more I understand that she's just the softest little teddy bear angel of life. I'm actually the hard-ass in the relationship, which is so funny. And she's just the best friend ever. So supportive. We literally talk every day. I am so blessed to have her.

I'm really am going to miss seeing you on TV every week. Can you tease what's next?

The power and the confidence and just the amount I grew on the show has really taught me that in the world, there's no limit. The limit does not exist. So I never want to sleep again. I'm going to literally do everything — even if it's bad, sucks for everyone, I'm going to try it. I just never want to stop working. I'm going to tour right away. I definitely want to get into the makeup world; I have music coming out. I have it all. It's going to be really fun.

So, when are you and Bimini Bon Boulash planning your wedding?

Oh my God. Well, okay... Literally, I have to meet her and propose to her first. So stay tuned. But I'm the most pansexual angel of life that I just love people's personalities. I know I've never met her, so it might sound so weird, but just seeing how she talks about gender and all that on the show [Drag Race U.K.], I was like, oh my God, this is such an angel. She's so nice but so powerful with the way she is crashing the cis-stem. She's fighting the same fight I'm fighting but from a different perspective. I just thought that was so powerful that we're doing that at the same time. So, stay tuned for the wedding.

What was your favorite moment on set? Does something come to mind right away?

I feel like my Tic-Tac lunch with Ru, where we were just laughing so hard. Literally, even when I was walking away, she was still laughing. I feel like that is the epitome of my stay on the show. Me and RuPaul got along so well. It didn't even feel like an interview to me; I was just laughing and kiki-ing with my friend is what it felt like. If I had that [attitude] at the beginning of the show, it would not have looked like that, so it's crazy to see my growth. I feel like that interview really just showed it all.

Isn't that crazy? That you're saying "RuPaul and I got along so well..." Like, it's RuPaul!

It is so crazy. I know it is. Even those moments when we were getting critiqued, we're just dying, laughing together. She's like, "If I had a nickel..." and I'm like, "I'd have a nickel." We just get each other's humor, and she's so funny. I can't believe it. Trust and believe!

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