New App Helps Connect People With Trans-Friendly Doctors


A new startup app called MyTransHealth is hoping to revolutionize the way transgender people receive health care by breaking down barriers and connecting trans folk with doctors who are actually knowledgeable about health care issues specific to them.

Transgender people are statistically at higher risk of facing certain maladies concerning their physical and mental health, but are often discouraged from seeking health care due to a lack of trans-friendly doctors and resources to find those who are.

On Twitter, MyTransHealth illustrates the statistics:

19% of trans people are refused healthcare

— MyTransHealth (@MyTransHealth) June 24, 2015

50% of trans people have to educate their doctors on their own healthcare

— MyTransHealth (@MyTransHealth) June 24, 2015

1 in 4 trans people will delay seeking care due to discrimination

— MyTransHealth (@MyTransHealth) June 24, 2015

MyTransHealth founder Robyn Kanner said these shocking truths, coupled with her own struggle in trying to find a trans-friendly doctor, inspired her to launch the crowdsourced nonprofit.

Once it's launched, the app will track user-generated input and reviews to help connect people with "qualified, understanding doctors in [their] neighborhood" and allow them to rate and review their experiences.

Speaking with The Daily Dot, Kanner explained how the app even goes beyond health care.

"We built four different categories into MyTransHealth: medical, legal, mental health, and crisis," she said. "And once you delve into those categories you can still filter down through different needs, like wheelchair accessibility, insurance coverage, or language. In Miami, for example, there's a huge need for Spanish-speaking providers that are also skilled to serve transgender people."

She adds in the video below, "Transition shouldn’t really be a difficult thing for people. It should be one of those things where somebody can walk in and say, ‘Hi, I’m trans, I really need help.’ And that person immediately gets help… What would happen if we could eliminate that gatekeeping for trans people?"

You can follow MyTransHealth on Twitter for the latest on when MyTransHealth will launch in the app store.

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