The #SwitchItUpChallenge Is Challenging Masculinity—And Pissing Some People Off

"No real woman would encourage her man to dress up like a woman in the name of 'fun.'"

Looks like 2016 has one more Internet craze for us before it peaces out: In the #SwitchItUpChallenge, straight couples are tasked with swapping outfits and posting side-by-side pictures of the results.

We are all about straight guys being confident enough to exploring their feminine side, even just for fun. And the results have been pretty adorable.

But sure enough, some trolls have been pushing back against the fad, as if their eyeballs will melt out of their head if they see a guy in a camo and pink sweats.

"Any male that participates in the #switchitupchallenge has kicked down the closet door," declared one Twitter user.

Others—mostly men—have threatened to block or delete anyone who does the challenge.

And still others are calling out the haters.

Of course, some same-sex couples have taken the #SwitchItUpChallenge, too. It doesn't have the same impact—though they're just as adorable.

h/t: VH1