The Battle Over LGBT Equality Is Playing Out On Masterpiece Cakes' Yelp Page

"Perhaps making a cake with so much bigotry taints the flavor. We know we were disappointed."

Jack Phillips of Denver's Masterpiece Cakeshop is heading to the Supreme Court: In 2012, the anti-gay baker told Charlie Craig and David Mullins he wouldn't make their wedding cake, running afoul of Colorado's anti-discrimination laws. Phillips appealed, and now the highest court in the land is set to look at the case.

But before that happens, the court of public opinion has been weighing in: Reviews on Masterpiece's Yelp page have addressed the issue head on, and are pretty split on supporting the LGBT community and backing Phillips' religious freedom.

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LAKEWOOD, CO - January 13: Jack Phillips, owner of Masterpiece Cake in Lakewood, decorates a birthday cake Thursday, January 3, 2012. (Photo by Lindsay Pierce, The Denver Post)

Below, we compiled a lineup of some of the sweetest—and saltiest—comments.

"Then God said, 'let them eat cake, unless they are gay.' I missed this part when I read the Bible. Probably too busy eating cake from a better Cake Shop in the Lakewood area."—Jason M. from Tampa

"Never bought a cake here or stepped inside, but seeing all these pansies mad at this guy and making fake posts is awesome. If you’re a queer why would you want your cake made by this guy anyway? You freaks get enough attention as it is...a month dedicated to you for being a freak?” —Mike N. from Arvada, Colorado

Yelp user Janet S./Masterpiece Cakeshop Yelp Page

"No bigot cakes for me thank you. You coward POS clowns that support this business will get what's coming to you eventually," wrote John W. from Denver.

"On my next trip to Colorado to visit family I'm making it a point to go to this bakery to support THEIR right to refuse service to someone. We have a system in this country that allows us to support or not support those businesses that we like or don't like. That system is called freedom of choice. Gays have the right to shop somewhere else if they don't like a business, for whatever reason." wrote Mike from Glendale, California.

"The fact this issue is going to the U.S. Supreme Court is a commentary on how special interest groups and their beliefs have taken away the rights of a person who also has beliefs. Your beliefs should be no more important than mine or his. Very sad day for this country if Supreme Court upholds the lower courts decision."

Yelp user Neal L./Masterpiece Cakeshop Yelp page

"If you have something nice to say about this excellent cake shop, watch out for Nazi activists attempting to threaten or otherwise disparage you," wrote Sean Z. from Littleton, Colorado. "Sad that these people think they can hide behind the internet and attack those who [they] do not agree with."

"I'm not a virgin, but they still made a wedding cake for me. I'm so glad he didn't think me being with dozens and dozens of guys before finding the one was too much of a sin. I'm so grateful that he picks and chooses the sins he 'believes' in. My cake was so beautiful. Everyone who thinks being gay is a sin but it's okay for a girl like me to get married and get a cake should support him," wrote Lexi R. from Los Angeles "I definitely want [Phillips] to make a cake for my next 'So Love Us, Too' rally! Make sure to bring your Bible so we can throw it at people as a weapon. Nothing says using the Bible as a weapon to represent good Christian values."

"I ordered a specialty birthday cake. It was wonderful," commented Paula P from Muskogee, Oklahoma. "Decorations were amazing. Will get our business in the future. And contrary to other reports they didn't shove their beliefs my throat."

"We did buy one of these 'masterpieces' but the only 'sinful" thing about it was the lack of flavor. It was devilishly expensive as well.

I think he's taking full advantage of his new closed minded fame and charging heavenly prices," wrote Asper R. from Chicago. "Perhaps making a cake with so much bigotry taints the flavor. We know we were disappointed... So, if you want a cake made with hypocrisy and hate, you may want to visit. Otherwise, Godspeed to another baker."

"This place made me the best wedding cake a person could ask for. The staff was extremely friendly and I would recommend this location to anyone and everyone," wrote one anonymous user from Denver. "In light of the recent problem they have occurred it is up to each person on their views and you CANNOT make them do something they don't believe in. Kudos to you for standing for what you believe, unlike to many people who just 'go with it.' This is a family business and the words of other comments are just sickening, get off your high horse and get over it. Stop making something that doens't need to be into such a big deal. So what they turned away a wedding cake big deal go somewhere else no need to make threats and act so immature."

Steve F. from Beverly Hills kept it short and not-so-sweet: "The cake we ordered had a bug in it. Gross."

It appears Craig and Mullins weren't the first gay couple Masterpiece turned away: Alison C. recounted an experience she had with the bakery back in 2005.

"We were talking a little about the wedding plans ... and just before we left the lady asked who the bride was. I smiled a little and said that technically we both were. She looked a little confused and asked if there were seperate ceremonies then.

"No", we told her, "We are marrying each other."

A look of complete and utter horror crossed her face. "I'm sorry," she said, "we can't do it then."

She kept apologizing, like she actually cared. Told us that she was one of the owners and that they believed what Jesus said and on and on. And kept saying "I'm sorry." Yeah right she was sorry. What a load of bullshit. No way in hell she was sorry, she was only sorry that she had to be in our company for so long until she found out the "terrible" truth."

This shop is now making news for repeating this immoral and frankly illegal business decision. I have never felt so low in my life.

Another user revealed she requested a fictitious "wedding cake" for her dog, who was going to be bred with a neighbor's pooch.

I expected him to react harshly or to realize that this call might be a call "fishing" or "testing the waters." Instead he quoted me a price of $69.99 plus tax and asked me when I needed it.

Expecting that he might have caught on and maybe was testing me to see if I would continue the conversation I asked if he could put the dog's names on the cake and decorate it "pretty." He complied and took down the (made up) names of Buffy and Roscoe... It was apparent that he didn't catch onto this "mystery shopping" phone call.

After a deluge of recent posts since the Supreme Court news, Yelp announced that it was monitoring Masterpiece Cakeshop's page for "content related to media reports." To date, nearly 800 reviews have been deleted for violated Yelp's terms of service.


Phillips says he's lost 40% of his business since the case blew up, and he's stopped making wedding cakes all together rather than get another citation.

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