Lesbian, Bi And Trans Women More Likely To Be Poor

According to a new study, lesbian, bi and trans women are at a greater risk of being poor than their heterosexual and cisgender counterparts: Almost 30 percent of bisexual women and 23% of lesbian women, live below the poverty line.

That's compared to 20% of heterosexual women.

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"Getting adequate wages, having the support necessary to both work and care for families, having access to health care—those are concerns LGBT women are facing, and in some cases, facing more acutely," says Fatima Goss Graves of the National Women’s Law Center. "

The numbers are worse for  immigrants and bi/lesbian/trans women of color.

Key factors include a lack of workplace protections and the fact that many women can’t access their partner’s benefits—everything from health care to compassionate care leave.

Trans women in the workforce additionally struggle with getting acceptable documentation that matches their lived gender.

In Illinois, for example, proof of gender-reassignment surgery is required to obtain a new birth certificate.

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