LGBT Youth More Likely To Be Incarcerated

The study also found that almost 60% of incarcerated girls are sexual minorities.

An alarming new study focused on youth in detention centers found that young sexual minorities are incarcerated at disproportionately high rates. Additionally, those minorities are more likely to be held for long periods of time and to experience sexual victimization, according to the study from the Williams Institute.

Using statistics from the 2012 National Survey of Youth in Custody-2, which consisted of anonymous surveys of young people in juvenile correctional facilities, the study found that gay and bisexual boys were nearly 11 times more likely than their straight counterparts to experience sexual violence by their peers.

Other key findings include that almost 60% of incarcerated girls are sexual minorities, and that LGB youth are two to three times more likely to be held in custody for more than a year.

Dr. Bianca D.M. Wilson, a researcher for the study, confirmed the disturbing results in a statement, adding that "the findings support calls by policymakers and advocates for the need to pay attention to the unique needs of LGB youth in state systems.”

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