British Football, Rugby Players Don Rainbow Laces To Combat Homophobia In Sports

"Let's make sport everyone's game."

English sports stars are teaming up to take a stand against homophobia after a recent study revealed that soccer fans are the most likely of all sports fans to hear homophobic slurs used at games.

The LGBT group Stonewall has partnered with members of Premiership Rugby, English Football League, Rugby Football Union and more for the Rainbow Laces campaign in an effort to draw attention to the homophobia problem in sports.

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Players will wear the Rainbow Laces on their shoes while inclusive messages and rainbow flags are displayed at the start of games to send the message to LGBT fans that they are a "vital and integral part" of all sporting events.

The campaign is also urging fans who hear homophobic slurs used during games to call the perpetrators out and report them.

"We know the majority of sports fans want a better, more inclusive game," said Stonewall Chief Executive Ruth Hunt. "This campaign is about encouraging people to step up and say they will not stand for abuse, and the support of football and rugby clubs and associations is crucial because it gives people the confidence to do that.”

Visit the Stonewall site and watch the video below for more information.

h/t: Gay Times

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