WATCH LIST: Transgender Parents Shake Things Up in Documentaries “Family in Transition” and “Denial”

Plus “The Bisexual” premieres on Hulu and gay buzz feature “We Are the Animals” on DVD.

In Theaters

Family In Transition

Ofir Trainin's intimate documentary follows a family living in a very religious small Israel city as the father, Amit Tsuk, comes out as transgender at 42 and pursues a full physical transition. (November 16, Go2Films)


Director of Hong Kong's sexiest queer films, Scud brings us more handsome, bare male eye candy than ever with this artful drama about an up-and-coming actor who enters the world of male sex workers. Also available on VOD starting November 20. (November 16, Breaking Glass Pictures)

DVD/Blu-Ray/Video on Demand


Filmmaker Derek Hallquist set out to document his father David’s transformation from Vermont energy CEO to environmentalist who could change the industry. In the process, David came out as a transgender woman, Christine, becoming the first CEO to transition while in office and, later, run as a candidate for governor of Vermont. (VOD, Revry)

Never Steady, Never Still

In frosty rural Canada, a woman with Parkinson's, Judy (Shirley Henderson), is more concerned about her teenage son, Jamie (Théodore Pellerin), who struggles to find direction in his life and sexual identity after his father dies. Writer-director Kathleen Hepburn's debut feature is an expansion of her 2015 short film of the same name. (DVD, Allied Vaughn)

We the Animals

Adapted from a semi-autobiographical novel by queer author Justin Torres, director Jeremiah Zagar's lyrical drama sees a sensitive and artistic 10-year-old, Jonah (Evan Rosado), and his two older brothers try to find escape in an upstate New York home led by an emotionally volatile father (Looking’s Raul Castillo) and mother (Sheila Vand). (DVD, Passion River Films)


Moroni For President

An election cycle that doesn't receive much, if any, coverage in the mainstream media, the Native American community's Navajo Nation saw its presidential election shaken up by a young, gay, Mormon Navajo candidate, Moroni Benally. This enlightening documentary by Saila Huusko and Jasper Rischen follows Benally's campaign and its effects on LGBTQs working on other candidates’ campaigns, and the entire Navajo community. (November 20, WORLD Channel)

The Bisexual

A London 30-something lesbian, Leila (Desiree Akhavan), breaks up with her girlfriend (Maxine Peake) after she is proposed to, gets a male roommate (Brian Gleeson), and decides to date men in this six-episode comedy series co-created/written/directed by Akhavan. (November 16, Hulu)