Justin Theroux Admits He Slipped Into the "Queer Eye" Guys' DMs

So, that's how you make friends in the 21st century!

On Monday (July 23), Justin Theroux stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live to promote his new movie The Spy Who Dumped Me. In addition to sharing that he's taken up boxing to stay in shape, the actor also confessed to sliding into the inboxes of the stars of Netflix's Queer Eye.

"I was a big fan of the first season and kind of binged it. I did one of those things that I've never done before in my life," Theroux said. "I was with some friends, it was Easter. And I was like, I'm just gonna DM them because I saw in [Jonathan's] stories that he was in New York. Now it's sort of become this thing whenever they're in town. They've sort of included me in their little wolf pack."

The Leftovers alum star also revealed his pet names for Jonathan Van Ness and Tan France: Johnny and Tanny.

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