Matt Bomer Stars In Amazon's Adaptation Of F. Scott Fitzgerald's "The Last Tycoon"

Matt Bomer in impeccable 1930s suits? We're there.

Matt Bomer stars as handsome 1930s film executive Monroe Stahr in the new Amazon pilot The Last Tycoon, streaming June 17.

The story is adapted from the unfinished F. Scott Fitzgerald novel, The Love Of The Last Tycoon, previously made into a film in 1976 starring Robert De Niro as Stahr.

In the Amazon version, Bomer's golden boy battles studio head Kelsey Grammar, while romancing Lily Collins and wearing the hell out of some period clothes.

"I found the time period endlessly fascinating," Bomer tells People.

"There was so much going on—the Spanish Civil War, the rise of Hitler, the height of the Great Depression. And the world went to the movies to escape."

As with previous Amazon pilots, The Last Tycoon will get the green light for a series order if there's enough viewers and positive feedback.

We'd say the odds are pretty good.

h/t People.

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