American Eagle Ditches The Airbrushing For Refreshingly Real Men Underwear Campaign

"My hope is that sharing my un-retouched self, I will inspire other people to feel confident enough to share themselves."

Do we like pictures of hot, muscular boys in their underwear? Yes. But is it the best way to market to the average man who deserves to feel every bit as sexy as a model does? Not so much.

That's why American Eagle is joining companies like Axe Body Spray in shifting towards campaigns that promote healthy body images and a more diverse idea of masculinity.

The new underwear campaign is called #aerieman, and uses the tagline "The real you is beautiful" in order to advertise to a more well-rounded audience.

#aerieman introduces us to four men, including one who actually is a perfectly sculpted model, in a promotional series of videos that are as weird as they are inspiring.

"Great style to me is when anyone feels comfortable in what they wear," said Kelvin, from the middle of his giant bubble bath.

Meanwhile an aerieman named Devon talks with a stereotypical stoner accent as he bounces around in his marijuana leaf undies.

Check out all the videos below to get to know the #Aeriemen a little better.

h/t: OUT

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