Meet The Conservative Christian Father Of Three Who's Also A Fierce Drag Queen


Marcus Parker is a husband, a Christian and father to three young children—but he's hardly traditional. Because Parker is also drag queen Flame Monroe.

"At home I'm just a boring dad," he reveals in a video recently posted online. In it, Parker discusses how he lived as a trans woman for years before having three children and being forced to raise them alone after they were abandoned by their mother.

He decided to transition back to male so his children "could have some sort of normalcy in their lives," and he created Flame Monroe as his way of being "free." With three young kids to take care of at home, "work is like a vacation for me," Parker jokes.

[caption id="attachment_179589" align="aligncenter" width="391"]flame monroe Flame Monroe with Latrice Royale[/caption]

He's pitching a reality show based on his life—working title Ladies' Man—that would include his kids, his drag work and his wife Rasheda Daniels, a lesbian.

"He wasn't used to being with my type of lesbian," Daniels recalls of their fateful meeting after one of Flame's shows. "Finally we decided 'there's something here, and it kind of just blossomed unexpectedly!"

If picked up, Ladies' Man would also touch on Parker's conservative religious values. "I think the breakdown of the American family is because people don't put God first," he declares in the sizzle reel below.

Parker even told the Chicago Tribune he didn't believe in marriage equality: "Gay people don't know what to think of me when I say that," he confesses. "I just don't think it's right. In my heart, and with the Scriptures I read in the Bible, I don't believe that an ordained minister should marry a gay couple. I do believe completely in civil unions."

Things could be moving in the right direction for this larger-than-life personality. This morning, Flame reposted the reel with the message "big meeting today."

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