Exclusive: Adore Delano Dishes on Her Favorite “RuPaul’s Drag Race” Winner

"I thought my favorite winner was Sharon until you won, bitch."

Ask any RuPaul's Drag Race fan which season they think is the best and everyone will have a strong opinion. Some love Sharon Needles' year, others have a soft spot for Sasha Velour's Season 9, or maybe they really love Season 3 for Raja.

But what about posing that same question to the queens themselves?

In the August issue of Gay Times, Season 6 sisters Adore Delano and Bianca Del Rio sit down for a chat to talk about all things Drag Race. It shouldn't surprise anyone that the two gal pals think that their season is the best of the bunch.

"A lot of people say that season six of Drag Race is the best season of all time, why do you think the fans love it so much?" Bianca asks Adore during their interview.

"I have no idea. The winner sucked," Adore replies jokingly. "No, honestly, before I thought my favorite winner was Sharon until you won, bitch. You just have that winner's quality and you're kind of like the matriarch of the whole season. The top four really have a lot to do with it too. There was a great dynamic there."

GAY TIMES/Davis Bates

Bianca agrees that the top four of the season played a big part in the success of their season: "I thought personality-wise we were all very different, and everybody brought something different to the show, which was great. I miss those days."

"When people ask me about the latest seasons, I'm like, 'I'm watching a different show now,'" Bianca explains. "Maybe it was different because I was on it, maybe I think of it differently because I'm old. Time flies! But it does seem like a completely different show for me in general. That's also the safest way of saying I haven't watched the latest seasons. I can't keep up with it!"

Head over to Gay Times to get the August issue, available now.