Queer Rapper Mister Wallace Is The "It Girl" In Sickening New Music Video


Mister Wallace-a queer Chicago born, Brooklyn-based rapper-has released a video for his new single "It Girl," and it. Is. Fierce.

The song is from his debut EP FAGGOT, released in February. In the clip, Wallace struts around abandoned houses and junkyards-all while looking fabulous in high-fashion ensembles and performing life-affirming dance moves.

Wallace began writing "It Girl" in 2014, when the Black Lives Matter movement was beginning to get national attention.

"It became clear to me that before I could realize any dream of being a successful artist, I was more likely to become world famous for being gunned down by a racist cop under the protection of the law," he told The FADER. "I started to imagine how my image would be used by the media to perpetuate this horrific narrative to younger people and it sent me over the edge. ‘It Girl’ became my anthem and it kept me alive at a time when lovers and employers felt my blackness and my queerness had gone too far from what’s acceptable to mainstream society."

The video might be serving fierce glamor, but it was shot on a shoestring budget.

"I wanted my video to show a street kid chasing a broken American Dream," director Ahmed Ibrahim told The FADER. "'It Girl' dreams of fame, glamor, fashion shoots, fast cars and speed boats but they’re all beautifully broken, decayed and up on blocks. My team at The Music Video Truck decided to shoot this video in 10 hours with a budget of $400 and a crew of two people, maybe that’s what gives it a a kind of tragic glamor."

Wallace wants this song to transform lives for other queer African-Americans: "My hope is that this song, my truth, gives you LIFE and inspires you to appreciate the lives of those who look and feel like me."

Watch the video below: