Boo-Hoo! Indiana Pizza Parlor That Won't Cater Gay Weddings Gets $145,000 In Donations

Like you, we've been following the saga of Memories Pizza in Walkerton, Indiana, with bated breath.

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After the owners told local reporters that he would refuse to provide pizzas for a gay wedding, the Internet went crazy—and homosexuals around the country debated whether they would ever serve pizza at a wedding. (If it was a salted pretzel-crust pizza from Pizza Hut? Abso-friggin-lutely.)

Eventually, the O'Connor family decided to temporarily close Memories until the furor died down.

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Cue the outrage, as Glenn Beck's The Blaze started a GoFundMe fundraising campaign that's netted some $145,000 since yesterday.

That's $145,000 in donations to a profit-making business—in a town of 2,144 people.  To make that kind of dough (no pun intended), Memories would have to sell 72,000 slices in one day.

And judging from their Yelp page, their pizza is pretty shitty.

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