Nick Jonas Discusses His Speech At Vigil For Orlando: "I Spoke From The Heart"

The singer talks about his speech after being criticized again of "queer baiting."

Nick Jonas revealed that New York Governor Andrew Cuomo personally invited him to speak at a vigil and rally in New York City Monday night for the victims of the Pulse nightclub massacre.

Some members of the LGBT media criticized Nick's appearance and speech at the rally, affirming a belief that the 23-year-old singer "queer baits" his LGBT audience with disingenuous support for the community in order to sell records.

Gay voices on Twitter almost unanimously agreed that it was inappropriate for Nick to speak at the vigil, because that honor should have went to an LGBTQ person:

Last night, on Watch What Happens Live, Nick didn't directly respond to his critics but explained how he was invited to the rally and what the honor meant to him.

Said Nick:

"I think at the core, this is a humungous tragedy that affected so many lives and my heart was broken for the victims and their families. So I looked at my team and said 'Listen, I'm in town, I'd love to lend my voice in any way I can and be a part of it in any way possible.'

And so Governor Cuomo asked me to speak…I didn't prepare anything I just got up and spoke from the heart.

I was surrounded by the LGBT community at an early age and really built a lot of great friendships. My father said right away to me, 'Love it love, we're all equal, we deserve love, and to be loved by who we want to be loved by.' It shaped my view and so I've tried to be an ally and do what I can to raise my voice in moments when there is tragedy that strikes, not only for the LGBT community but also for America."

Nick was on set to promote the release of his new album, Last Year Was Complicated, so things got a big lighter later in the interview.

During a game of "Let Us Fetish," Jonas revealed a list of his sexual fetishes (or rather, a list of things he's not into) before admitting the one fetish he is undoubtedly into: spanking.

"Yeah, absolutely [I would get spanked,]" he said. "I've got a firm ass."

Check out both segments below:

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