Yeah, Sorry, That Three-Breasted Woman Thing Is Fake

We weren't sure if it was legit or a fake—or a viral promo for American Horror Story: Freak Show, in which Angela Basset's character has a similar endowment.

So we went to, the Internet's debunker of all things bullshit. And they smelled something fishy.

As Jasmine Tridevil's claims about a third breast circulate the social web, most information being reported appears to come directly from the subject herself without any external confirmation.

Tridevil's Facebook page and YouTube account appear to be the primary source for verification, despite the fact that both host only self-taken videos and photos (and none actually shows the breast in question without a covering of clothing).

In one clip posted by Tridevil, her "breasts" appear to be of an entirely different skin tone than her facial skin and limbs:

Tridevil (and, hello, the name?) says she was turned away by dozens of doctors before getting one to agree to take skin tissue from her abdomen and add a silicon implant. She claims her surgeon forced her to sign a non-disclosure agreement before doing the $20,000 procedure, and so she can't reveal any information about him.

Oy, where to begin.

First off, Snopes points out that ethically, no cosmetic surgeons would perform on a patient with motivations "driven by psychological disorders." Tridevil's claim she got the procedure "because I wanted to make myself unattractive to men" doesn't exactly paint her as the poster child for mental stability.

[caption id="attachment_165349" align="alignright" width="224"]Alisha Hessler Alisha Hessler[/caption]

Secondly, the domain name "" is registered to one Alisha Hessler, a 21-year-old massage therapist who looks a lot like Jasmine Tridevil. And who has a record as a con artist.

In December 2013 Hessler made headlines for an incident in which she claimed she was beaten while on the way home from a club, then offered her attacker the choice of standing on a streetcorner—wearing a dunce cap and holding a sign that read "I beat women"—[or] being reported to police and charged with a crime...

According to local police, Hessler withdrew her complaint and "stopped returning [their] calls" after she was pressed for details of the alleged attack.

Jasmine/Alisha claims to have booked appearances on Jimmy Kimmel Live and Inside Edition, but no one has come forward to corroborate.

How did this story get so far with essentially no facts to support it? Well, straight guys think boobies are amazing. And more boobies are more amazing.

Of course, the lesson is, don't believe every headline you read on Facebook. Except this one—this one you should totally believe.

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